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Give us a call at 217-384-5000,should you need hand crafted made-in-the-USA wall mounted solid steel handrail in a hurry. Click on the links above to check out our Flickr photos for slide shows of our projects, or email ironhandrail@gmail.com for a custom quote.
You may view examples of wrought iron handrails which ship nationwide through our eBay store Iron Handrail. Details of the fabrication process appear at Iron Handrail Dot Net. Note the nature of the join in the middle, which is used for rails over 8 feet in length for shipping via UPS Ground. Wall mounted rails Eight feet and under can be fabricated and shipped in a single section.
These wrought iron handrails are custom made, and can be fabricated to the nearest inch. Bends to follow the slope of the stairs and landing are also available options. We prepare quotes for custom work all the time!